Our company is accredited with leasing companies that finance the purchase of piling equipment by our clients.
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Advantages of leasing:

  • Leasing does not imply the one-time attraction of large amounts of own funds for the purchase of the leased asset.
  • Lease payments are distributed in the most convenient way for the lessee and correspond to the dates when the company has already begun to make a profit from the use of the leased asset, and it is already paying off.
  • Leasing allows you to save money due to tax preferences (income tax, VAT offset, property tax).
  • Leasing is the only way to apply accelerated depreciation with a coefficient of up to 3. Due to this, the book value of property decreases 3 times faster and, as a result, the amount of property tax decreases.
  • The debt repayment schedule (leasing payment schedule) is flexible. The lessee does not make payments until the leased asset is put into operation.
  • The leased asset can be recorded either on the balance sheet of the lessor or on the balance sheet of the lessee. If the balance holder is a leasing company, then the lessee has the opportunity to improve the structure of its balance sheet by recording the leased asset in off-balance sheet accounts (a loan or direct purchase does not allow this).
  • At the end of the lease agreement, the lessee has the opportunity to receive the leased asset at zero cost.

Conditions for purchasing equipment:

Quick consideration of the application and a minimum list of documentation
Absolute transparency and no hidden fees
Wide range of programs for clients

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